Sharon Logs On

It is December 2 and here at Landon’s Lookout all is quiet.  Almost everyone is out distributing coupons for Landon’s at the Stroll.  We hope to attract customers for our boutique.  For sale are beautiful handknitted hats and scarves in the most lusious of colors and textures.  We are also selling magnetic book marks.  The kids stamped the card I and glued the magnets.

Yesterday and today I worked on my rusty baking skills–it’s been four years since I made chocolate chip cookies and chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Some of the kids said they were” really good”.  One does not know how good it was to hear that!  Last years Christmas Stroll, was my first work day for Landon’s.  I will officially celebrate a year of the best employment I have ever had on Jan.2, 2012.

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