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Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation Grant

Landon’s Lookout is excited to announce that the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation has awarded a $6,249 grant to cover the cost of operations for Summer 2012.  This generous gift assures that Landon’s Lookout can provide a safe environment for teens, as well as collaborate with local youth agencies, for a fun and productive summer. Many THANKS to the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation !!

Sharon Logs On

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.

First, I must apologize for not spelling luscious correctly in the last blog.

As for me, I am now starting in on my second year at Landon’s and looking forward to another fun year.
The big news is… we are adding a dedicated homework computer opposite the other two computers that are used for games and surfing the net. Also, we are talking about using Saturdays for special projects and classes. Stay tuned for more info later this month.
The good news is our attendance for last year has increased to over 100+ more visits per month than the previous year. It just keeps getting better and better!

Sharon Logs On

It is December 2 and here at Landon’s Lookout all is quiet.  Almost everyone is out distributing coupons for Landon’s at the Stroll.  We hope to attract customers for our boutique.  For sale are beautiful handknitted hats and scarves in the most lusious of colors and textures.  We are also selling magnetic book marks.  The kids stamped the card I and glued the magnets.

Yesterday and today I worked on my rusty baking skills–it’s been four years since I made chocolate chip cookies and chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Some of the kids said they were” really good”.  One does not know how good it was to hear that!  Last years Christmas Stroll, was my first work day for Landon’s.  I will officially celebrate a year of the best employment I have ever had on Jan.2, 2012.

Christmas Stroll THIS FRIDAY

Come into Landon’s Lookout, this week, and help us get ready for our part in the 2011 Livingston Christmas Stroll !!

Look for the BLOGS!

Be sure to check our web site for frequent blogs ! You may find an event to attend, an opportunity to win prizes, or just connect with Landon’s Lookout.

Rodeo Run 2011 (results)

THANKS to everyone that sponsored, supported, or ran in the Landon’s Lookout Rodeo Run 2011! July 2d, 2011, was a great day for all involved. Below you will find a listing of the awards for each race (and some other interesting categories), as well as a breakdown of how each runner fared. In the next several days, you will also find a catalog of pictures that includes nearly (maybe 1 or 2 short?) runner that finished the race – so be sure to check back. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO MAKE RODEO RUN 2011 A SUCCESS — AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR !!!

5k: #1 (Male) —C. Clouatre      #2 (Male)— O.Watson

 5k: #1 (Female)-L. Wrights       #2 (Female)- R. Keyes

 10k: #1 (Male)—M. Cole          #2 (Male)—D. Fales

 10k: #1 (Female) –T. Starnes #2 (Female) –A. Mikesell

 Most Patriotic: Kim Strupp & Family

 Best Attitude: Theresa Mullen

 Fastest ‘young racer’ (under 12): McCrae Wester

                            Bib # Time Name
24 20.37 Clouatre, C.
101 22.14 Watson, O.
97 22.31 Mortenson,B.
28 22.34 Scalia,J.
15 22.37 Harris,J.
54 22.48 Wrights,L.
26 23.05 Giraulo,D.
36 23.07 Evje,S.
85 23.52 Durgan,S.
103 24.42 Sexton,D.
9 24.43 Keyes,R.
49 24.47 Strupp,T.
86 24.52 Durgan,P.
75 25.03 Anderson,J.
87 25.10 Flook,B.
59 26.10 Freman,J.
55 26.21 Pulis,S.
73 26.28 Broyles,C.
41 26.29 Glass,J.
111 26.44 Campbell,J.
113 26.45 Skaggs,M.
88 26.49 Wester,T.
82 27.06 Atkinson,C.
76 27.28 Anderson,T.
74 27.29 Anderson,L.
44 27.34 Flook,H.
95 27.56 Hauge,C.
29 28.13 Scalia,L.
63 28.18 Adams,S.
72 28.21 Wrights,A.
78 28.54 Taylor,K.
30 28.56 Schwartz,G.
66 29.01 Peterson,F.
80 29.02 Carter,M.
38 29.23 Pierson,K.
11 29.24 Russum,L.
102 29.40 Thomas,L.
58 30.27 Wester,M.
57 30.28 Wester,K.
71 30.52 Wrights,R.
56 31.13 Westling,E.
22 31.20 Mastin,Jim.
37 31.59 Pierson,C.
39 32.01 Evje,M.
14 32.09 Saputo,A.
61 32.14 Wood,R.
62 32.15 Wood,J.
77 32.21 Lindenberg,J.
110 32.39 Hergert,J.
51 33.09 Mullen,T.
25 33.52 Boyd,M.
13 34.24 Johnson,J.
48 34.55 Black,L.
67 35.18 Peterson,H.
107 36.29 Cole,M.
10 36.52 Pittman,A.
3 37.28 Meece,Edison
16 37.32 Meece,E.
32 39.15 Fales,D.
47 39.38 Mastin,Jennifer
108 40.50 England,M.
21 40.54 Boone,J.
20 40.55 Boone,G.
64 41.18 Greenwood,B.
84 41.19 Heenan,J.
91 41.49 Johnson,H.
90 41.50 Johnson,C.
68 42.59 Melin,K.
69 43.00 Rodgers,A.
109 43.40 Treanor,E.
116 44.07 Madden,T.
46 44.49 Coon,T.
18 44.5 Kokot,C.
33 45.08 Wendt,J.
114 45.09 Skertich,M.
98 45.56 Starnes,B.
99 45.57 Starnes,T.
100 47.32 Howard,P.
79 47.33 Mikesell,A.
81 47.56 Adam,B.
4 48.13 O’Brian,D.
17 50.06 Willard,J.
93 50.07 Hammond,C.
5 52.20 Jozovich,N.
92 52.29 Kepner,S.
89 52.28 Townes,D.
35 53.33 Hanson,J.
19 53.51 Lindeman,C.
52 55.39 Webster,W.
53 55.49 Webster,L.
27 56.14 Webster,W.
105 56.15 Coleman,P.
106 56.16 Lentz,J.
34 56.21 Hanson,B.
115 56.22 Devine,j.
40 56.55 Elliot,K.
65 57.14 Greenwood,E.

RODEO Run on July 2nd !

Don’t forget to register for the first ever Landon’s Lookout RODEO Run!

Registration can be done on-line (this web site), through the mail (.pdf of form on this web site), or at the following locations: Firehall Fitness (Livingston), MT Cup (Livingston), Landon’s Lookout (Livingston), Bozeman Running Company (Main Street, Bozeman). Race times are 8:15 for the kids fun run, and 8:30 for the 5k/10k. Registration is $20. CHECK OUT THE ACTIVITIES SECTION FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Register for Rodeo Run

Pop Stand gives $2300 grant

The Paradise Valley Pop Stand, a favorite in Livingston, has awarded a $2300 grant to Landon’s Lookout to cover the costs for developing a new web site, as well as new software (and other tools) to develop greater collaboration among Livingston’s youth service organizations.

Open Mic Night

Join us for open mic night on 3/15/11.

The New Year

It has been an amazing year for Landon’s Lookout! Since opening its doors in January 2010, so many events have occurred and it can only get better in the next year.

To celebrate our opening, we hosted an ‘Open Mic’ night for Livingston’s youth.  We had over 50 visitors that night.  It was full of talented youth singing and playing acoustic guitars.  Thanks to Ashly Holland, we had a fun and exciting opening.

As the year progressed, we saw several more Open Mic nights that expanded beyond music to poetry and stand up comedy.  Additionally, we hosted a few pizza parties, Wii Wednesdays, and an ice cream social. 

One of the major events of the year was Landon’s Lookout Film Festival.  We had four films submitted for judging and some delicious movie popcorn.  Three community members were generous enough to donate their time to help judge for the event.  The first judge was Monica Dahl, a former Park High School student who now attends Columbia University and is a film major.  The second was Robert Storey, who has several years of experience as a filmmaker.  And the last judge was Bob Ebinger, also a career filmmaker.  All three judges provided fantastic insight for the future filmmakers who attended the festival.  We hope to have even more films submitted this year!

Throughout the summer, Landon’s Lookout set up a booth at Livingston’s Farmer’s Market to remind the community to vote for the grant the Lookout was trying to win through the Pepsi Refresh Project.  After many months of voting and community support, Landon’s Lookout finally received the grant for $5000 in September.  Thank you to all who voted.  We won because of all of you!

Once the school year started, we were in full swing after a tame summer.  We continue to have a full house with students playing on the Wii, the air hockey table, the foosball table, or on the computer.  Landon’s Lookout hosted a back to school party and had delicious treats for all the students.  During the holiday season, the Lookout remained open for the Christmas Stroll to help the strollers defrost after being outside in the cold.

In upcoming news, the Lookout will host a skate night at Livingston’s Civic Center in honor of our one year anniversary: on January 28, 2011.  There will be skates available to rent for ($3) along with concessions.  To celebrate, we will be having karaoke for those daring youth wanting to exercise their golden pipes. 
If you have any questions about upcoming events at Landon’s Lookout, please call 223-9017, email us at, or find us on Facebook.

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