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We had a Great Liberty Dash on Independence Day!

So Independence Day was yesterday and we had a great Liberty Dash! We all had fun and we thank all participants who joined us! There were some great prizes and it’s always getting better!

We hope that you guys had a great Independence Day and are having a great summer! Remember to be safe in the sun and drink plenty of water. Especially if you’re going to any national parks during our nation’s 100th anniversary of National Park Service. My family went to Yellowstone National Park (you know, the first national park in history) and we got a lifetime pass to any national park in the U.S. for only $10 somehow! Hopefully you guys can get in on that as well!

Calling All Teens!

We’re doing more and more over here at Landon’s Lookout and we invite you all to be a part of it! Just remember to be safe. Also, I want to know what you teens want to do in the future and I’ll see what I can pull off. I want everyone to have fun and be safe!

The End Is Nigh!

The end of the school year that is! But don’t fret because Landon’s Lookout will be open Monday through Friday still except the hours will be from 1 pm until 5 pm. That’s a nice bit of time. I hope to see you all here over the summer! Happy exam taking everyone! ūüėõ

It’s Snack Time!!!!!!!

That’s a lot of exclamation marks. [:P] Putting that aside though, I wanted to let all you teens out there know that we will be having a special snack day in the middle of June. You all will get to make your snack! It will be a delicious event! I hope to see you there!

Who Wants to Foos?!

That’s a strange title for a blog, right? True but it’s because we’re having a Foosball tournament this Friday! Winners from the teams and the winner of the singles matches will get great prizes and there will be smaller prizes as well! So come down to Landon’s Lookout to sign up on the roster and then join us this Friday for the first bunch of matches which will be the singles ones!

Do You Want to Win Prizes?

We’re having a Foosball tournament at Landon’s on Friday, May 20th and Friday, May 27th at 5 pm on both days! If you wish to participate and possibly win some movie tickets and a gift certificate for the Bodega then you can sign up at Landon’s Lookout! There will be at least one day for single matches and another day for team matches. You get to choose who you want to team up with. Also, each game will be timed and only last 20 minutes. Remember to bring your A game and if you need pointers I will be glad to help you out. I’ll see you all at the Lookout!

Let’s Get the Week Started with a Bang!

Hey everyone! There’s only a few weeks left in this school year. Pretty soon you teens will be able to have more fun with more free time. Don’t forget, though, that Landon’s Lookout is open during the summer from 1 pm until 5 pm. Anyway, the week has started and we all need to do our work for the week. Just remember to always do your best in everything you do and you’ll always be a winner in some way.

May Is Coming Soon!

Is everyone excited for May? That’s the last month for school! I remember how fun the last few weeks of school were even though there were a lot of finals. Just remember to always do your best at everything you do and you’ll be fine.

Pizza Party Report!

Hey everyone! The pizza party last Friday was fun for everyone who stayed! I’m going to be having a lot more activities in the future and all teens are invited! The pizza was great with the 3 pizzas we got from Rosa’s! Be sure to stay in touch to find out when we’ll be having more fun activities!

Liberty Dash 2019 – Race Times

Thanks to all of our participants, volunteers, and sponsors for making the Liberty Dash 2019 a great event! Pictures will be loaded soon. Here are the official race times:

20 min, 117 5k Durgan, David
21.11 m 124 5k Serafin, Charlie
22.17m 140 5k Amys, Tanya
22.20m 135 5k Miller, Christopher
22.26m 129 5k McKenzie, Jim
23.54m 138 5k McKenzie, Ella
24.18m 141 5k Werner, Tim
24.40m 131 5k Ramirez, Isaac
25.02m 139 5K Ringheim, Michael
26.10m 136 5k Alberda, Zachary
26.26m 144 5k Takeshita, Ryan
27.33m 125 5K Marrinan, Colleen
28.12m 121 5k Tinsley, Angie
30.18m 122 5k Goodwin, Alexa
30.50m 110 5k Case, Lori
33.21m 123 5k Goodwin, Alyvia
33.27m 142 5K Johnson, Angela
33.45m 128 5K Kostoff, Tyzen
33.57m 127 5K Kostoff, Tyzen
33.57m 126 5K Kostoff, Jessica
34.33m 145 5K Sirles, Jessica
35.30m 143 5K Johnson, Corey
35.30m 119 5K McLain, Ronnie
35.33m 111 5K Sukhbir, Brittany
35.44m 113 5k Huttinger, Amberly
35.45m 114 5k Gallub, Emma
37.28m 120 5K McLain, Amber
40.59m 130 10k McIntyre, Paul
45.25m 133 5k Hug, Amelia
45.34m 134 5k Hug, Elijah
45.36m 132 5k Hug, Erin
45.59m 35 10k Lentz, Kirk
46.50m 37 10k Andros, Lynda
48.07m 36 10K Kynett, Jessika
50.39m 32 10K Art, Jackie
52.29m 112 5K Huttinger, Jaiden
59.02m 33 10k O’Dea, Landess
105.23m 34 10K Vance, Emily
109.18m 38 10k Camp, Fionn
109.18m 39 10k Camp, Katherine

2019 Liberty Dash Registration is OPEN!

Landon’s Lookout has opened registration for the 2019 Liberty Dash, our annual 5k/10k fundraiser event, to be held June 29, 2019. The fun begins¬† in Sacajawea Park (Livingston MT) with a 8:15 fun run (1k) for the kids, the 5K and 10K races starting at 8:40 am. Race fee is $20; fun run is free. You can find online registration¬†2019 LIberty Dash Register



Students, staff, and the Board of Directors are excited about the results of the recent remodel at Landon’s Lookout! New hardwood floors, porcelain tile in the bathroom, and no more walls give Landon’s Lookout a fresh new look. Come in and see for yourself!!


Liberty Dash 2017 Results !

Thanks to all of our participants, sponsors, and volunteers, the Liberty Dash 2017 was a lot of fun — and a little bit of exercise! Below are the day’s results:

Name Bib # Time
Sarah Keller 21 20.1
Kirk Keller 22 20.31
Elizabeth Cassanino 27 21.25
Sandy Squillace 7 22.2
Mike Skaggs 3 23.32
Emma Baumgardner 18 23.56
Jackson Bailey 6 25.28
Jim Mckenzie 19 25.31
Lori Case 26 26.1
Susie Johansen 8 26.34
Cara Wilson 10 28.41
Maggie Tarr 4 31.45
Linda Thomas 30 31.52
Jennifer Baumgardner 17 33.08
Chris Emter 1 34.15
Hailey Peterson 2 34.37
Jack Bandstra 28 37.39
Lisa Herrold 24 40.07
Sophie Baslow 25 40.07
Kelli Opitz 5 40.33
Sara Bandstra 29 48.11
Becky Bandstra 31 48.57
Linda Vinton 20 48.57
Brad Bolte 15 49.35
Tara Bolte 13 49.35
Tracy Hoiness 11 56.07
16 56.09
Name Bib # Time
Conor Pierson 109 39.56
Kirk Lentz 108 40.17
Jackie Art 102 47.48
Dillon Henderson 104 47.56
Jaden Henderson 106 50.2
Ella Mckenzie 101 51.02
Gretchen Henderson 105 57.02
Rachel Svenkeson 103 57.38
Ron Dennis. 107 60.3

Online Registration Closed

Online registration has closed for the Liberty Dash – meet us in Sacajawea Park at 7:30 am – race time at 8:45 am !!

Pictures from Liberty Dash 2016 !

What a great day ! These photos can’t capture all the fun of the day, but perhaps they will give you a peak at the Liberty Dash 2016 festivities……….MANY THANKS to our pro-camerman Sid Bigner !

IMG_3015 IMG_2921 IMG_2924 IMG_2929 IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2943 IMG_2946 IMG_2948 IMG_2949IMG_2954 IMG_2957 IMG_2962 IMG_2964 IMG_2965 IMG_2969 IMG_2972 IMG_2979 IMG_2980 IMG_2981 IMG_2984 IMG_2986 IMG_2991 IMG_3001 IMG_3004 IMG_3017

Liberty Dash 2016 Results

Many thanks to all our participants, sponsors, and volunteers who made the LIBERTY DASH 2016 a great day ! We will be posting a lot of great pictures here as well…..soon…

Below are the final race results:

    #    Time               Name   Event   Place
33 20.02 Brenner Pittman 5K 1 Men
28 20.04 Sarah Keller 5K 1 Women
29 20.07 Kirk Keller 5K 2 Men
34 21.45 Kendyl Pierson 5K 2 Women
46 21.5 Jenna Carara 5K 3 Women
35 22.06 Laura Chisholm 5K
18 23.35 Jase Stockholm 5K
47 24.09 Weston Body 5K 3 Men
39 25.55 Larissa Saarell 5K
38 25.55 Ella Mckenzie 5K
32 26.48 Kimberly Taylor 5K
40 26.54 Peter Cocotos 5K
17 27.02 Amanda Stockham 5K
44 29.04 Colleen Marrinan 5K
27 29.22 Heather Bolte 5K
1 29.47 Echo Saunders 5K
20 30.04 Christina Howell 5K
43 30.09 Ali Hull 5K
42 30.25 Linda Thomas 5K
30 30.26 Denise Helin 5K
23 30.36 Jean Prough 5K
25 31.02 Angela Reichert 5K
48 33.06 Nicole Body 5K
45 33.11 Maureen Carara 5K
19 33.38 Deede Baker 5K
31 34.07 Lynne Perry 5K
41 34.26 Rebecca Canner 5K
22 34.41 Erica Haraldson 5K
21 34.41 Sharie Blueher 5K
24 36.31 Lynette Kap 5K
122 40.5 Kirk Lentz 10K 1 Men
118 43.08 Derek Stringer 10K 2 Men
119 44.29 Jerome Rusdal 10K 3 Men
117 45.55 Charles Smith 10K
121 52.1 Tawny Cale 10K 1 Women
124 54.18 Michael Williams 10K
125 54.18 Paula Coleman 10K 2 Women
120 57.37 Tyler Cale 10K
123 1.14.00 Poulman 10K 3 Women
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