Liberty Dash 2019 – Race Times

Thanks to all of our participants, volunteers, and sponsors for making the Liberty Dash 2019 a great event! Pictures will be loaded soon. Here are the official race times: 20 min, 117 5k Durgan, David 21.11 m 124 5k Serafin, Charlie 22.17m 140 5k Amys, Tanya 22.20m 135 5k Miller, Christopher 22.26m 129 5k McKenzie, […]



Students, staff, and the Board of Directors are excited about the results of the recent remodel at Landon’s Lookout! New hardwood floors, porcelain tile in the bathroom, and no more walls give Landon’s Lookout a fresh new look. Come in and see for yourself!!  

Liberty Dash 2017 Results !

Thanks to all of our participants, sponsors, and volunteers, the Liberty Dash 2017 was a lot of fun — and a little bit of exercise! Below are the day’s results: 5K Name Bib # Time Sarah Keller 21 20.1 Kirk Keller 22 20.31 Elizabeth Cassanino 27 21.25 Sandy Squillace 7 22.2 Mike Skaggs 3 23.32 […]

Online Registration Closed

Online registration has closed for the Liberty Dash – meet us in Sacajawea Park at 7:30 am – race time at 8:45 am !!

Pictures from Liberty Dash 2016 !

Pictures from Liberty Dash 2016 !

What a great day ! These photos can’t capture all the fun of the day, but perhaps they will give you a peak at the Liberty Dash 2016 festivities……….MANY THANKS to our pro-camerman Sid Bigner !

Liberty Dash 2016 Results

Many thanks to all our participants, sponsors, and volunteers who made the LIBERTY DASH 2016 a great day ! We will be posting a lot of great pictures here as well…..soon… Below are the final race results:     #    Time               Name   Event   Place 33 20.02 […]

We had a Great Liberty Dash on Independence Day!

So Independence Day was yesterday and we had a great Liberty Dash! We all had fun and we thank all participants who joined us! There were some great prizes and it’s always getting better! We hope that you guys had a great Independence Day and are having a great summer! Remember to be safe in […]

Calling All Teens!

We’re doing more and more over here at Landon’s Lookout and we invite you all to be a part of it! Just remember to be safe. Also, I want to know what you teens want to do in the future and I’ll see what I can pull off. I want everyone to have fun and […]

The End Is Nigh!

The end of the school year that is! But don’t fret because Landon’s Lookout will be open Monday through Friday still except the hours will be from 1 pm until 5 pm. That’s a nice bit of time. I hope to see you all here over the summer! Happy exam taking everyone! 😛

It’s Snack Time!!!!!!!

That’s a lot of exclamation marks. [:P] Putting that aside though, I wanted to let all you teens out there know that we will be having a special snack day in the middle of June. You all will get to make your snack! It will be a delicious event! I hope to see you there!

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