We had a Great Liberty Dash on Independence Day!

So Independence Day was yesterday and we had a great Liberty Dash! We all had fun and we thank all participants who joined us! There were some great prizes and it’s always getting better! We hope that you guys had a great Independence Day and are having a great summer! Remember to be safe in […]

Calling All Teens!

We’re doing more and more over here at Landon’s Lookout and we invite you all to be a part of it! Just remember to be safe. Also, I want to know what you teens want to do in the future and I’ll see what I can pull off. I want everyone to have fun and […]

The End Is Nigh!

The end of the school year that is! But don’t fret because Landon’s Lookout will be open Monday through Friday still except the hours will be from 1 pm until 5 pm. That’s a nice bit of time. I hope to see you all here over the summer! Happy exam taking everyone! 😛

It’s Snack Time!!!!!!!

That’s a lot of exclamation marks. [:P] Putting that aside though, I wanted to let all you teens out there know that we will be having a special snack day in the middle of June. You all will get to make your snack! It will be a delicious event! I hope to see you there!

Who Wants to Foos?!

That’s a strange title for a blog, right? True but it’s because we’re having a Foosball tournament this Friday! Winners from the teams and the winner of the singles matches will get great prizes and there will be smaller prizes as well! So come down to Landon’s Lookout to sign up on the roster and […]

Do You Want to Win Prizes?

We’re having a Foosball tournament at Landon’s on Friday, May 20th and Friday, May 27th at 5 pm on both days! If you wish to participate and possibly win some movie tickets and a gift certificate for the Bodega then you can sign up at Landon’s Lookout! There will be at least one day for […]

Let’s Get the Week Started with a Bang!

Hey everyone! There’s only a few weeks left in this school year. Pretty soon you teens will be able to have more fun with more free time. Don’t forget, though, that Landon’s Lookout is open during the summer from 1 pm until 5 pm. Anyway, the week has started and we all need to do […]

May Is Coming Soon!

Is everyone excited for May? That’s the last month for school! I remember how fun the last few weeks of school were even though there were a lot of finals. Just remember to always do your best at everything you do and you’ll be fine.

Pizza Party Report!

Hey everyone! The pizza party last Friday was fun for everyone who stayed! I’m going to be having a lot more activities in the future and all teens are invited! The pizza was great with the 3 pizzas we got from Rosa’s! Be sure to stay in touch to find out when we’ll be having […]

Lookout Landon’s… Lookout!

The pizza party is happenin’ this Friday! There’s going to be pizza, soda, karaoke, and even a Foosball tournament where you can win prizes! Anyone who is in 6th grade through to 12th grade is invited! Come have fun, enjoy yourselves and possibly win some prizes!

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